Friday, July 24, 2009

Big girl bed and apple juice

OK, now that it's been almost 2 weeks since Miss Noelle switched to her "big girl bed". We can say now that she's definitely enjoying it. Every night after her last bottle, she'll walk to the bathroom sink to have her teeth brushed (while the mommy holding her of course). And then she'll carry her George with her and walks over to her bed. She doesn't lay down on her own, but when we put her down, she'll just hold her George and drifts to sleepyland. She still wakes up a couple of times some nights, but that's about it. In the morning, I don't really know when she usually wakes up. But she's always up before my alarm goes off. Cuz I'll hear noises from her side (little feet walking on the mattress). Sometimes she'll stick her binky in the daddy's mouth (he's on her side), hahaha. Miss Noelle actually sleeps in her bed sometimes for naps too. She actually wants to take her naps in her bed, cuz she'll carry her George and reaches for the bedroom door in the afternoon. But most of the time I have to head back to work, so we can't let her nap in her bed. We do that on the weekends tho, if we are home during her naptime.

Gah, I really need to start loading pics here too. I just uploaded pics from past 3 months to facebook two days ago. :-P

OK, this is a little overshare. But Miss Noelle has not been regular for the past few days. She's always very regular, ever since she was born. Wait, even right before she was born :-P This little girl pooed right before I delivered her, so we didn't get to cut her cord. Because they don't want her to cry to suck in anything (ew), and that the moment she was born, the med crew took her away to clean her. Anyway, so she's always been regular. She somedays even poos a couple of times. So the past few days she has not had any #2. We just read that having too much ice cream may cause constipation. Ooops! We've been giving her ice cream quite a lot lately. And she sure enjoys that :-P She loves holding the ice cream cone too, and it's so messy. So I was getting worried that she may be constipated and I don't really know what I should do. Then I remembered someone said that they gave their kiddies apple juice whenever they have poo poo problem. So I gave it a shot this afternoon. Miss Noelle drank a tiny bit of apple juice. Right after she watched her video, homegirl had a big, glorious #2!!!! I was so happy to see 'em, lol. Things you never thought you'd be glad to see before you become a parent.

Friday, July 10, 2009

Big girl bed!!!

OK, it's not really a big girl bed. But we took her crib mattress out and put it on the floor last night, and Miss Noelle slept in it the whole night! She did wake up a couple of times crying, but that's pretty normal for her. The daddy fetched her binky and she's back to the dreamland. She went to sleep around 9:20 and woke up around 7:10, not bad!!! Miss Noelle really likes her "big girl bed" tho, she keeps going up and down on it, laying on it and all. I hope this is a good start.

She's also really enjoying the VBS music, lol. It was last week and she's still listening to the music and dances to it. It's not cool when the mommy or the daddy turns it off, she gets mad.