Thursday, August 20, 2009

Picky eater

I'm getting lazy with updating my blog!! Well, I was really hoping I can have some pics on this post, but I guess not. So we have a little picky eater!! It's getting harder to figure out what we shall give Miss Noelle. Well, she's not THAT picky, but to the point we hope she could be a little better with her choices. She really likes pasta and rice, everything else is all up to her mood. She also is a miss independent. Miss Noelle wants to feed herself. It's good that she wants to work on using the utensils to eat, but it also gets pretty messy. She'll eat from my forks tho, so that works. I've been trying to give her more veggie and fruits, but she usually will just spit it out or eat very very little of those. And apparently she doesn't like L&L's BBQ chicken either :-P But we had jamba last week and she LOVED it. She was a smoothie nazi and took my jamba and won't give back. She likes Orange Dream Machine (my fav as well). We are thinking of making our own smoothie and maybe toss in some fruits and veggie and see if she'll drink them. We don't have a juicer tho, I want to make veggie juice for her. I don't think blender works as well, cuz you get the pulps and I bet Miss Noelle will shake her head at the pulps :-P

And yes, she loves to shake her head. She nods her head once in a blue moon, but shaking her head is her fav. Sometimes she'll shake her head too fast and regrets it right away, lol. Today the daycare called me up and they told me Miss Noelle had bit her tongue while playing. She bleed quite a bit but was all better. She apparently had lunch and was napping, so I guess it didn't bother her too much. My little brave girl!! She is now more active and loves to run around, that means chances of her getting hurt increase tremendously. We just gotta keep an eye on her. She also loves to "talk", still no actual words yet. But boy does she love to yap! There's this one time, we were just sitting by her big girl bed and talk. Miss Noelle held the whole conversation, she "talks" and "talks" and "talks" to the daddy (without much stopping in between). It was sooo cute! But if she doesn't start saying actual words soon, I think I may have to worry. Her 18-month check up is next week, so we'll see what the doc says.

We are also on the process of helping her to get rid of bottle. We now offer her milk in a Elmo sippy cup and give it to her at every meal. She still doesn't drink much milk from it, but hopefully this will help her to get used to the cup. We still can't get rid of the bottle completely, cuz otherwise she won't get much milk. She doesn't need as much milk now, but does need enough in her system each day. Miss Noelle decided not to like brushing her teeth as much now either. She used to love brushing her teeth with the little kiddie toothbrush. Now she'll shake her head and won't open her mouth. I had to use this little rubber thingy with the brush on the top and it fits on my index finger. I basically just stick my finger in her mouth and brush that way. She actually lets me do that, but she'll bite me every now and then. And have I told you she's a hard biter? It HURTS! Ah the joy of being a mama.