Monday, September 17, 2012


So today is our 7th wedding anniversary, can't believe it's been this long already!! We sorta met each other in 1999, started dating in 2000.   Got engaged in 2004 and married in 2005.   7 years later we are the proud parents of two very sweet and beautiful girls.  Life is definitely getting sweeter :-)

I love you, Dave!!

Sunday, September 16, 2012


So Miss Arwen turned two on September 5.  I can't believe our youngest one is longer a baby and is growing up fast!! I think maybe cuz she is probably our last child, I just want to cherish her every step/milestone even more.  And I don't want her to grow up so fast!  We didn't have a big celebration for her, but we did go to Chuck E Cheese as a fam.  Arwen cried when she saw Chuck E Cheese (the robotic dancing one).  She was scared.  We had to move our seats, but she'd still turn around and saw it and cried.  lol.  But she ended up having a great time.  Arwen loved the merry go round, she went on at least 10 times, haha.  And big sis, Noelle helped bake a cake (funfetti FTW!).  We all enjoyed the cake as dessert at home. 

We started BSF and MSG last week.  That means, mommy gets to have a couple of hours on those days every week to be away from the girls.  Yay!! I mean, awwww.  But it's also a good opportunities for the girls to play with other kids and teachers.  Arwen cried at MSG, but she was fine since Noelle was with her.  We'll see how Arwen does with BSF next week.  The girls won't be in the same class (age differences), so I'm really worried that Arwen is going to have a very hard time.  Definitely praying hard for this girl!! And her BSF teachers!

Saturday, September 1, 2012

Potty training

We potty trained Noelle right before Arwen was born, when she was 2.5 years old.  It took us about 1-2 weeks to get her used to going on potty.  And soon after she went completely diaper-free.  Noelle is excellent in holding to go during sleep.  We knew we got pretty lucky with her, potty training with Noelle wasn't nearly as scary or difficult as I had expected to be.  

I thought we could start introduce or at least get Arwen to be familiar with potty.  So I bought a baby bjorn potty about 3 months ago (?).  Arwen knew exactly what it was the day I brought it home and wanted to use it.  Ever since then, she's been really interested in going on the little potty.  And then about a week after, she stopped.  I wasn't ready to be fully committed to be potty training Arwen yet.  I thought we'd actually start it when she's 2.5 years old.  I guess the thing with being younger siblings is that they'll want to follow/copy the older siblings.  About 1-1.5 months ago, Arwen decided that she wants to use the toilet instead.  So we used the toddler insert thing and she took it without problem.  Then about a few weeks ago, she wanted to go without the insert.  At first, we'd hold her since she's still tiny and we don't want her to fall in.  But a couple of weeks ago, she started holding on the seat herself and is able to go.  Arwen is still wearing pull-ups and diapers during naps/night time.  But I think we can probably transition her to underwears soon.  I had tried underwears with her one day and she peed thru 4-5 pairs within a few hours.  I got lazy, so we haven't use underwears since.  Arwen now tells us she needs to go (most of the time when she needs to go poo-poo, but she says pee-pee, and she calls pee-pee, shh-shh).

I think the mommy just need to suck it up and bring out the big girl underwears :-P

Thursday, August 30, 2012


Wow, last time I had a blog entry was almost 2 years ago?!  mamamakat has became a blogless blog for far too long, lol.  I'd like to start blogging again.  Let's see if I can keep it up this time around.

What's been going on with me?  Well, I'm still a stay-at-home mom.  And now my girls are attending a parents co-op preschool for once a week and we are sorta homeschooling in between as well.  I figure I can include more lesson time since they only get 2-3 hours of "school" each week.  Noelle was in a preschool from 9-12, 5 days a week last year.  So I'd like to keep her mind in the "school" setting as much before she enters kinder next year.  Gasp! She's going to be a kinder?  No way.

The homeschool curriculum I'm using is from a website called  The name is kinda cheesy, not gonna lie.  But it's free and the curriculum was written by a mom who has homeschooled her kids.  It covers everything a regular preschool teach and then also incorporate bible lessons.  That I like.  Best part is that the curriculum is FREE! You can either print them off the website or pay a little and have them send you it in book form.  And you basically just follow this 36-week program.  Each week, they introduce alphabet, number, color, social things, bible theme, etc. etc.  I even had Arwen started on this too.  She's still not quite understanding the whole sitting down, school part yet.  But she's not even 2 yet, and I think she's been doing fantastically so far.  

Anyways, I better stop here now and tend to my girls.  They are currently playing and listening to Andy Z music in the front room (one of their fav things to do together).  

---edited to add---

Totally forgot to mention this part.  But my most proud accomplishment from this summer has to be completing this 100 reading lessons with Noelle.  She is 4.5 years old now and she can sight read!! I'm so proud of this girl!!  We also have been frequenting the libraries.  I hope this will help both kids become avid readers.