Tuesday, February 16, 2010

3 + 1

So most of you already know that we are expecting again :-P  We found out on December 25, Christmas day!  I had the suspicions a couple of days before Christmas.  But I decided to wait until Christmas to take the test.  I got up super early and sure enough the test came out positive.  I pretended there's something wrong with the toilet and woke the husband up, telling him "Can you help me?  I think the toilet is leaking!"  He went to the bathroom and saw the test laying on the toilet seat.  The husband told me he knew something was up and didn't think it was the toilet problem, lol.  We told my parents and sister when we went visit them the day after Christmas.  The first prenatal visit was later in the January.  The husband went with me to the visit and we both saw the little baby and heard the heartbeat.  The baby was already 8 weeks by then, and he/she actually looks like a tiny baby!  When I first saw Noelle on the ultrasound, she was just a little dot (6 weeks).  But the doctor was moving the baby around to get his/her measurement, so the ultrasound pics didn't turn out too clear. 

This is definitely a much different and difficult pregnancy.  With Noelle, I had no morning sickness or feeling at all sick.  But this time around, I have morning sickness at night time.  I'd felt really nauseous, sometimes even felt like I was about to puke.  My appetite was not that great at night time.  Most of the time, after I made the dinner, I was not in the mood to eat it.  I guess that's why I haven't gain much weight, I think my weight may have stayed the same so far.  I'm definitely showing already tho, that was kinda sucky and shocking, haha.   The first pregnancy I couldn't wait to start showing and look more pregnant.  And this time around, I think I looked pregnant just a few weeks into my pregnancy.  I guess your body has some kinda memory thingy built in and went right into where they were :-P

I didn't have any craving last time.  But if you really want count it, I'll say I loved Sprite a little more.   However, baby #2 made me having all these crazy cravings!!  I've gone thru a phase when I want to put vinegar in everything I eat, a phase when I want tangy things, a phase when I absolutely love Safeway's blueberry muffins (still like them tho, but not as crazy now, haha), and now I'm in the ketchup phase.  I want to put ketchup in everything I eat.  If I could get my hands on some ketchup chips, I think I'll be eating them all day.  Any food aversion?  Oh yea, big time.  Chicken is out, unless it's McD's nuggest, cuz they don't taste like chicken.  And pork is on the fence.  Sometimes strong food smell still drives me nuts, I guess it all depends on my mood.  There's nights when I get really hungry but I had no idea what I want to eat, or should I say, what I can eat without making me feeling sick afterwards. 

Today was the 2nd prenatal visit.  I thought I'd get another mini ultrasound to see the baby, but I guess that was last time with a different Kaiser campus.  They only used the fetal doppler to listen to heartbeat.  The nurse practitioner was moving around trying to the baby.  And she found him/her at the lower left side of my belly.  The heartbeat was definitely strong and healthy.  The NA thought the baby kicked the fetal doppler because there's a couple of non-heartbeat noises.  She asked if I could feel the baby kicking already?  At this point (when the baby is still really small), I really couldn't tell if it's the baby or gas, hahahaa.  I can't wait to start feeling the baby moving and kicking tho, that's one of the best part being pregnant!! 

So our dating ultrasound is scheduled March 30.  I'm really hoping we will get to find out what we are having.  I don't like surprises, so this is killing me :-P  And I can't believe I won't be seeing my doctor until sometime in May!  I guess 2nd trimester is nothing to worry about, either that or they aren't worrying about me too much since this is my 2nd time.  

We continue to teach Noelle the concept of being a big sister and having a little baby around.  Now if I ask her, "Where is the baby?"  She'll say "baby" and come plant a kiss on my belly.  It's the cutest and sweetest thing ever.  Miss Noelle also loves and is very interested in other babies.  She'll stick around to look at the baby, if we get any at the church nursery.  I'm still not sure if she'll get jealous with a new comer tho.  The other day I was hold a friend's son's hand (he's about Noelle's age), and Noelle had to hold my other hand.  Well, I guess we'll see.  

So far the estimate due date is September 1, 2010.  Last time they moved up the due date after the dating ultrasound, so they may do it again this time.  And Miss Noelle came a week early too.  So my guess is that baby #2 will most likely arrive sometime in August.  I cannot believe I'll be at my biggest, the most uncomfortable stage when it's the hottest of the year.  Lovely!