Thursday, June 3, 2010

Our funny girl and baby #2 updates

Miss Noelle is 28 months old now and she is definitely more fun these days.  She loves singing, cleaning, reading, climbing, dancing, and cracking us up.  She loves her Disney princesses, even tho she's never seen any of the movie or tv show.  But she knows their names.  Yes, we've got some dinnerware and outfits with those princesses and that's how she learned.  Miss Noelle loves it when she wears a cute outfit or PJ and she'll look down randomly thruout the day and say "That's a cute outfit!"  She also likes to compliments others about their outfit too, lol.  The only beef we have with her is that it's getting pretty hard to have her change, from PJ to outfit or outfit to PJ.  I guess toddlers really don't like changes.  And she also refuses to wear socks on days when she's going to work with the mommy.  We are too afraid to have her wear her crocs again tho, she adores those so much that we don't think she'll take them off at the end of the day.
Miss Noelle loves to sing.  She has this one song that she keeps on singing, the same tune and same "words".  We don't really know what that song was, she may have made it up herself.  But it's fun to sing along with her, we both know the tune and "words" very well by now :-P  And she gets a kick out of it too.  She loves her daddy's iTouch and always listening to songs on it.  She's got a playlist with all the fav songs of hers.  She knows exactly which song it is just a couple of notes into the song, I say she's got great ears!  She can sing a few words of most songs now, she also likes to dance to the radio sometime.  Her dance moves are kinda funky tho, sorta like a chicken dance mixed with something of her own creation.

Noelle likes to clean or help clean.  She helps me empty the dish washer every morning and almost always picks up her toys when she's done.  Of course, we have to sing the "clean up, clean up, everybody clean up" song.  She also likes to find random trash on the ground, usually it's a minuscule size of a lint and gives it to the mommy to throw away.  I guess she got that from her mommy, she's always picking up little pieces of crumbs on the ground :-P
Miss Noelle loves to read.  Her current fav book is "I'm a big sister".  She asks us to do "storytime" with her and wants to read this book over and over and over.   Never gets tired of it.  Her previous fav book was "The tale of the three trees".   We are hoping that by reading "I'm a big sister", it'll really help her to learn about becoming a big sister soon.  We shall see.  There are times when she thinks "mei-mei" (Chinese for little sister) is in her tummy instead of in mommy's.  She goes to the library storytime every Wednesday with the mommy.  Noelle loves the story time, but she never wanted to participate (when they have the singing time and middle stretch).  She'll do all the motions and songs at home tho.  
Coloring is one of her fav things to do at work.  She usually colors on my desk (she's literally sitting on my work desk), and uses markers/pens/pencils from the cup.  Noelle is very good with keeping the lid to the markers.  She usually crumbles the paper and then throws them away when she's done.  

Noelle loves to climb.  She can now climb out of her playpen at church and climbing onto the mommy's work desk.  She also likes to challenge the climbing walls/rails at the play structures.  We are definitely NOT ready for her to be climbing on the play structures yet.

Miss Noelle is learning and picking things up really fast now.  She remembers people's names and what their cars look like.  She always says "Isha" whenever we hear the neighbor's little baby girl cries.  And say "she's all better" or "playing with toys", when we told her Isha doesn't always cry :-P  Miss Noelle tells us when she gets an owie and we'll kiss it or she'll kiss it to make her feel better, sometimes she'll say "bye bye" to the owies.  

Noelle loves Micky Mouse and she can actually say it together.  Some of the words/phrases she still has a hard time saying it together, but not Micky Mouse.  She'll put her little fists to her head and pretending she's Micky Mouse. It's really cute :-P  Of course, her daddy taught her to do that in the first place.   She likes to agree with you when you tell her something. She'll say "mmmm, OH, yeah".  Or repeats if you ask "what happened?"  She gets super excited when she sees her mommy or daddy.  She's equal-opportunity-ist, she cries when either one leaves the house. 

We are not quite on track of potty train yet.  We have put her on the regular toilet (with the little kiddie seat over it) and she'll go number 2 sometimes, but not all the time.  And she's still a little afraid of the idea of sitting on the big toilet.  But she tells us before she starts going number 2 and tells us when she has number 1 and needs to "change diaper" (her exact words).   I guess we just need to keep on trying.  Noelle now uses regular dining chair when she eats dinner (breakfast and lunch are usually eaten by her kiddie table in the play area).  She knows whose chair it is but sometimes she likes to kick you out of your chair, by switching with you :-P  She eats pretty well most of the time.  Her current fav veggies are broccoli, cucumber (she calls it cabbage) and cabbage.  Loves pizza and is nuts about donuts.  Funny thing is that we've only let her eat donuts (mini size ones or donutholes) 2-3 times so far.  She'll ask us to go get donuts at the store randomly.  

Miss Noelle still loves to sleep in her "house" (little tent from IKEA).  She'll go in there by herself and falls asleep by herself.  When she wakes up, she stays in there as long as we want her to.  She doesn't get up until the mommy or the daddy goes in her tent and asks if she's all done with her nap.  Then she'll help bring her pillow/blanket/George back to her own bed.

I think I can go on and on and on with what Noelle's been doing lately, she is just really a joy to be with.  I love my girl to pieces!! 

Baby girl on the other hand is very active these days.   She was kicking and moving all day yesterday, I don't think she had napped at all!  I guess she really can hear the outside world now, because the other day I turned on the washer and she jumped.  I guess the unexpected noise startled her :-P   She also likes to kick around when Noelle is playing near me.  I sure hope these two will get along well when baby #2's out.  Just under 3 months, we'll be able to bring home another baby.  Physically I'm totally ready to have this child now, it really is getting more and more uncomfortable.  But if you ask me if I'm ready to be a mommy of two, the answer is NO! I don't know if I'll ever be ready, but we'll definitely work something out along the way ;-)   It took me 8 hours to have Noelle, from start to finish (the moment I felt contractions to her came out).  I think it'd be even shorter if Noelle didn't have a large head, haha. I sure hope I'll get another fast labor with baby #2.   

*Edited to add*
Noelle is our Miss Independent.  She likes to do things herself.  She constant says "self", which means she wants to do it all by herself.  This includes taking off her shirt, laying down to be changed, climbing, and so on.