Wednesday, April 22, 2009


No, I'm not talking about anything poopy. And no, we are not expecting.

But it has been something on my mind a lot lately. I guess it's cuz a few moms from our playgroup are expecting their 2nd ones soon. And their little ones are Miss Noelle's age. Of course I talked to Dave about this, lol. And he wants 3 years apart for our next one (Lord willing!) I don't know tho, I'd like to be done with having more kids by the time I'm 35 (which I've only got a few more years to go, eeek). On top of that, I'd like to have 3 kiddies. But the husband only wants 2 (boo). So we'll see.

Am I really ready for another one tho? Probably not, haha. I mean it's so much work involved when it comes to having a newborn, and very little sleep. But I do miss the newborn/infant stage. It's just so precious. We were fortunate to be pregnant so quickly when we were trying for Miss Noelle (about 2-3 months). However, it's different for each person and each pregnancy. So who knows. Anyways, it'll totally be God's timing.

On a different note, Miss Noelle is cracking me up a lot lately. She loves taking baths and she'll scream or laughing out loud (LOLs) if you pour water over her head. It's a riot. I also successfully pinned her hair up on the side and she hasn't figure out there's a hair clip on her head yet. She looks totally girly! She also loves having cheese in her scrambled eggs just like her mama. I'm so proud.

It's been a challenge tho. Miss Noelle wasn't eating much lately, mainly cuz of the heat. It's almost always a gamble if she'll like the food we give her each meal. I don't really like that, I love/miss when she'll eat whatever we prepare. Ahh, lots of times I'm at the wits end of what to feed her. Any tips?

Friday, April 10, 2009

Motherhood's new high

OK, this is totally gross and TMI. But I just want to write a short entry about it, as a record keeping's sake.

Two days ago I was changing Miss Noelle's poopy diaper as usual. I was wiping and wiping, and I saw this little thingy hanging out. I thought it was just the residue but it wouldn't be wiped away. So I looked closer and it's a little "string" like thingy. I was really weired out at that point and I found out I could pull it. It kept going and then out it came. A piece of onion! Then I remembered there was onion in the pasta that I fed her for dinner a day before. This shows how well Miss Noelle chews her food :-P It's really weird that her body didn't digest it either, just came out exactly the same as it went in. What the heck?!

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Mama's random thoughts

Figured I should put in some efforts and update.

The playgroup at church had the egg hunt today. Miss Noelle was asleep when they came in and told me the egg hunt had started. I decided to wake her up since I thought she may enjoy the activity and seeing other little kiddies. Miss Noelle was sound asleep and her head was soaking wet!! She sweats a lot, especially her head, I have no idea why. It took her a few minutes to be fully awake. They put down a few eggs right in front of her, because there's no way she'll actually go look for eggs. She didn't know what to do with those eggs, lol. Finally she took one in each hand. She kept changing the eggs tho, she'll pick one up, drop it, and pick another up. After that, I let her played in the play room for a bit. I really don't think she gets the concept of egg hunt yet, or even to enjoy it. I think they are more like another plastic toys for her to play with. I found some scratch-n-sniff stickers in the eggs, neato!

Miss Noelle loves her Baby Einstein My First Sign dvd. I think I may have to buy a copy when we return the library's copy. I thought I should change things up and played a different dvd this afternoon. I dunno if she just wanted to watch My First Sign instead or that she got scared by some green puppet in this other dvd that I played. She cried and was all smile when I changed to back to My First Sign dvd.

We recently discovered that Miss Noelle has daddy's eyebrows. Not the thickness/hairy-ness (thank goodness!), but the way they move. They look just like her daddy's eye brow expression. It's really cute. I love to see and discover pieces of ourselves in Miss Noelle.