Friday, January 15, 2010


So Miss Noelle is almost 2, in fact, she'll be turning the big 2 in 15 days!! Woo-hoo! And she's definitely more vocal nowadays. We took her to visit my folks in Houston for 10 days. And during those 10 days, she has gotten so close to my parents and my sis. I think cuz she got more people to play with and interact with (on a regular basis), Noelle has become more outgoing and vocal. She loves to play drums with my dad, singing with my mom and goofing around with my sis. Noelle also learned her alphabet! We've been writing it on her magnetic-doodle, and she'll recognize the letter and say it to us. For a while, she kept saying "A-B" or "B" when it's actually "A". She's finally down with "A" now tho, lol. She's still having some trouble pronouncing "W", but it is a hard letter to say. We'll practice on the magnetic-doodle, in the bath tub (alphabet toys, btw, she's in the regular tub now, no more baby tub!!), or whenever we see letters. She really enjoys doing that. I think she recognizes some words too, like "happy", "horse", "toes", etc. And she'll try to spell "elmo" when her Elmo's World is on.

Miss Noelle also learns words from us now. Yesterday, I told her I was going to "pause" the Sesame Street, so I can change her poopy diaper. She said "pause" and sorta got the idea (I showed her the picture on tv isn't moving). And then I told her I was going to "continue" the program, she said "'tinue" :-P I think she got the concept. Or she'll say "open" when she's opening the little coupe car door. She also likes to say and point to the different body parts on herself or others. For example, she loves to dig in my mouth while saying "teeth!"

Over the Christmas, Miss Noelle got loads of great gifts. She's got a kitchen set, leapfrog reader thingy, a coupe car (mind I said it's her FAV toy?), a big magnetic doodle, and some more toys. She's better playing by herself now, I'm not sure if it's cuz she's got so much more to play with or what. But I sure am glad she can entertain herself, instead of asking to watch dvds (she says "dds" too!). Oh and she loves to talk on her cell phones or phone (one of our old cells, and a phone that came with the kitchen set). She says "'llo? hi! bye" over and over. And when I ask who she's talking to, she'll say "Wy-Wy". Wyatt is a little boy that goes to her daycare ;-P not sure what's going on with those two, lol. I think he's just one of her friends. But often time she'll say other kids names too, it's just Wyatt that comes up a lot more frequently.