Friday, April 30, 2010

Happy birthday song

We have a 2nd birthday party to go this Saturday, so I thought I should practice the Happy Birthday song with Miss Noelle.  Little did I know, she already knew it!  But after singing it a few times, she has the words down clearer now and has been singing it all day, lol.  This is what she sings:

"Hav burday to you, hav burday to you
hav burday.....CJ (the birthday boy's name)
hav burday to you!"

Hopefully she'll actually sing it tomorrow at the party.  Miss Noelle is known for stranger shy.

On the other hand, baby girl has been kicking a lot lately and is getting heartier.  But she's only a little over 22 weeks.  I wonder if she's gonna be running or walking around in my tummy later on.  Oy!