Thursday, May 28, 2009

Eating like a big girl!

Now that we are finally over the teething from hell (thank God!), Miss Noelle is acting more and more like a big girl. Yesterday at lunch, Miss Noelle grabbed the spoon off her daddy's hands and fed herself. We had to watch and help her out, since she's still not very good with the spoon. But she loves doing that. Yesterday at dinner, she didn't want to eat. So I handed her the spoon and she gave me this big smile. And she ate the entire dinner with the spoon all on her own (of course we helped her out here and there). What a big girl!! This morning at breakfast, she again didn't want to touch her scrambled eggs. So I gave her the baby forks, and she once again ate the whole thing. I hope she'll never grow tired of feeding herself, lol.

Miss Noelle also loves to see me sign to her, but she isn't signing back much. She'll copy some signs tho. Let's see if she'll sign them back to me one of these days. She starts to "talk" more as well. Or making noises for that matter, haha. Even tho she's pretty petite for her age, this girl is loud! Miss Noelle however, is throwing more tantrums. If you take something that she's holding, boy does she get MAD. It really doesn't work well especially at the stores. Man, I really don't want to have to deal with temper tantrums. EEEk.

Monday, May 25, 2009

Teething from hell

This long weekend has been really really interesting.

Friday night at the dinner table, Miss Noelle was really fussy and didn't want to eat. I thought she was just tired, since she didn't have her regular nap in the afternoon. So the daddy put her down and she felt asleep. I went in to check on her in a few minutes and thought she felt kinda warm. Took her temp and she was 102. So I let her slept until she woke up on her own. She was just really out of it for the rest of the night. I'll hold her in my arms and she'd fall sleep, kinda in and out. Finally I put her down at 8:30 and she almost passed out immediately.

Saturday we woke up and Miss Noelle seemed to be much better, back to her silly self. So we went to IKEA cuz I need to get some cabinet and organizing stuff. We spent a few hours there and towards the end, Miss Noelle was getting fussy. We took her temperature again when we got home, she was getting warm again. And then for the rest of the night she was just crying none-stop. It's not the normal fussy cries either, it's the loud why-are-you-leaving-me kinda panic cries. She was chewing on her binky so we thought maybe she was teething. But she never act like this when she teethes. And she won't touch her milk either, luckily she'll drink some water from her sippy cup. But it wasn't much either. And eating was basically out of the question. That night, she'd sleep for 30 minutes or 1 hour and woke up crying, freaking out. We barely had any sleep, it was very exhausting and frustrating. The daddy decided to take her to see a dr. to figure out what's wrong. And turned out, she was having some molars coming in and it's probably the worst kind of teething for them kiddies. Molars are the largest teeth in your mouth and picture having those cutting thru your flesh. Yea, not very fun.

The doctor suggested us to use children motrin, it's much stronger than infant tylenol. We also found this teething tablets that you can get at most drugstores. The combination of these drugs really eased Miss Noelle's discomfort. She fell asleep last night and was able to sleep thru the night. We were sooooo thankful! She is still going thru the teething part, but she's really getting back to her normal self. She is drinking and eating more again, hopefully she'll get those pounds back. Miss Noelle kinda lost some weights since she wasn't eating or drinking.

We were reading things about teething online when we were trying to find home remedies. And I read it somewhere that it's normally around 15 months that you get your first sets of molars. Miss Noelle is 15.5 months, so I guess it's about time. Wish I had known that earlier tho, lol. It's really scary to see your kid suffering and not knowing exactly what's going on. Being a parent is no easy task and I think it's supposed to get harder. Oy!

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Where is George?

To help Miss Noelle adjust to the daycare better, we thought having her bring something familiar from home will help some. She has a curious George and he has became her companion to daycare. She's so close to him that she knows him by name!! If we ask Miss Noelle, "Where is George?" She'll start looking the much loved monkey. And when she finds him, she'll give him a big hug or kiss.

The first toy she knows by name!

Monday, May 11, 2009

Mama bear moment

Last Saturday I had a mama bear moment.

So we were driving to our fav store, Target :-P On the merge to 87, the car in front of us was slowing down and moved to the left lane. That kinda made the car behind it slows down. I was thinking, what was that car doing? Why is it slowing down while merging? And just then it swiveled to our lane and took the exit. It came so sudden that Dave had to slam on his brake, hard, to prevent hitting the dumb car. Of course we honked at that car (unforunately a female driver). But I was absolutely fuming!! She could've hurt us, and Miss Noelle was in the car with us! What if Miss Noelle got hurt?? So I rolled down and window and yelled, "ARE YOU CRAZY?!?!?!" I think I was this close of having Dave to chase after her and give her a piece of my mind. What the heck. When I get road rage, I usually keep it in (inside the car, lol). But this time I really wanted that woman to know how furious I was.

I think it's definitely a mama bear moment for me, need to protect my baby.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Daycare soon

So we went to check out the daycare yesterday. It's run by an older lady and her husband. She's been doing this for over 30 years now. I think basically she started out as stay at home mom and just enjoying doing it so much that she made a business out of it. I think that's pretty cool! Cuz she now gets to babysit her own grandchilds when needed and still makes some money on the side. Her place is pretty nice. They converted the garage into a baby play room filled with toys. And they've got a big backyard that also have lots of kiddie toys. I think Miss Noelle will enjoy it there. Now we just need to figure out how to ease her into this new routine. She'll start daycare next Tuesday. It's going to be every Tuesday and Thursday in the morning. If Miss Noelle does good, then we'll extend it to whole day instead of just the mornings. The lady did say if Miss Noelle gets really really sad and that they've tried everything to make her feel comfortable but she still fusses, then they'll call me. I really hope Miss Noelle will adjust fast and well. It's not cheap :-P and I think it'll be healthier for her to be in an enviroment with other kids and safe area to play at.

We shall see.

Friday, May 1, 2009

15 months and ear infection again

So Miss Noelle is 15 months old!! Of course we took her pics with Mr. Bear. She doesn't want to sit down with Mr. Bear like she used to. She likes to stand next to him or do something different, lol. Our little girl is getting big!! So what else did we do to celebrate her being 15 months old? To the Dr.! No, it wasn't really part of the plan, but Miss Noelle somehow managed to get another ear infection. She was having this nagging cough for over a week and it didn't look like it's getting any better. So the daddy took her to see her pediatrician on Monday. And the dr. said she's having another ear infection. What?! But supposedly kids who drink from bottles and lying down tend to get ear infections more often. I guess it's time to teach Miss Noelle to drink from sippy cup exclusively. She uses it to drink water, but not so much for milk. We shall see.

What else is new? Well, we may be sending Miss Noelle to daycare soon. Someone refers us this place and they just had an opening for infant (under 2 is considered infant). So we are going to check it out on Monday. If everything works out, Miss Noelle will be starting daycare very soon. For 2 days a week. We probably will start with half day and then to full day. I really hope she'll do well at daycare. Miss Noelle is very clinging right now, especially to me. I can't even leave her at the toddler class at church anymore. She'll just cry and freak out big time. Last Sunday, all the kiddies were crying in the room and they had to take Miss Noelle out cuz she was fuzzing too much. Sigh. Hopefully she'll be over this stage soon.

Miss Noelle is going to a 1st b-day tomorrow, I think it's her first one besides her own. Should be fun :-)