Thursday, October 15, 2009

TV shows

What are the tv shows everyone's watching nowadays? I don't watch that much tv thanks to Miss Noelle, we now only watch tv when she goes to bed (8:30). But luckily most of our shows are on later at night anyway. This is the list of what I'm watching/obsessed with:

Grey's Anatomy - have been watching it since season 2 (already caught up with season 1)
Glee - this is new obsession, the music is GREAT and the characters are very interesting
Top Chef - this is probably the best season so far, I love Jennifer!! she for some reasons reminds me of Meredith from Grey's, lol. the 2 brothers are really talented too. but Robin needs to go!
Desperate Housewives - I didn't watch it consistently until 2 seasons ago? It's quite addicting

I wanted to watch Fringe again, but it's the same time as Glee. That's about it, not that many shows huh? We do flip the channels when our shows aren't on.

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