Friday, July 10, 2009

Big girl bed!!!

OK, it's not really a big girl bed. But we took her crib mattress out and put it on the floor last night, and Miss Noelle slept in it the whole night! She did wake up a couple of times crying, but that's pretty normal for her. The daddy fetched her binky and she's back to the dreamland. She went to sleep around 9:20 and woke up around 7:10, not bad!!! Miss Noelle really likes her "big girl bed" tho, she keeps going up and down on it, laying on it and all. I hope this is a good start.

She's also really enjoying the VBS music, lol. It was last week and she's still listening to the music and dances to it. It's not cool when the mommy or the daddy turns it off, she gets mad.

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