Friday, June 26, 2009

OMG Blood!!!

Miss Noelle was having a really hard time sleeping last night. She felt asleep around 9 which was normal. But she woke up a few times in the middle of night and was crying and crying. Finally she went back to sleep. Around 5:10-20, I heard the daddy yelled, "Kat, we need to GO!" Well, at least that's what I thought he said, you see I was totally asleep when he said that. And then he said, "she's bleeding!" That definitely woke me up, so I quickly turned on the light. And sure enough, Miss Noelle's got blood in her nose and all over her mouth, it was such a frightening sight to see. We couldn't figure out if she's having nose bleed or what (she was coughing on and off all night). So we cleaned her up and turned out it was her nose. Since we are the first time parents and Miss Noelle has never had a nose bleed before, we called the peds advise line. I continued to clean Noelle (she started to bleed again soon after we cleaned her the first time) while the daddy talked to the nurse. Miss Noelle was back to normal right away tho, she started to play with her toys and was "talking" again. According to the daddy, the nurse wasn't very helpful, she basically read the "what to do when there's nose bleed" pamphlet to him (which he knows from work). However, since Miss Noelle was all better, we just emailed her doctor and see if she has anything else to say.

This ordeal ended around 6am and I was ready to go to bed. The daddy told me to sleep and he'll watch Miss Noelle. I didn't argue with that :-P But they both came in soon after I laid down. Miss Noelle actually slept too (good girl!), I guess she realized it's not her awake time yet.

I'm so thankful that she was not in any more discomfort and that the bleeding has stopped quickly. And for the daddy to notice it, otherwise we'll be washing our bed sheets (Miss Noelle still co-sleeps with us). But what a way to wake up! Don't ever do this again, baby girl!

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