Wednesday, March 31, 2010

And we are having...

Well, by now, most of you already know what we are expecting :-P but I still feel obligated to write a post about it.  We are having a....


Yup, a little sister for Miss Noelle.  I'm not gonna lie, I was a little disappointed when I was looking at the ultrasound.  I knew it's probably a girl, since I didn't see any "pointer", lol.  And then the technician confirmed it.  The husband was more excited than I am.  Bless his heart :-P  I just really want to see a mini-him running around.  Granted, Noelle looks very much like her daddy, but you know.  We did only plan on having just 2, so don't mind me for wanting to have one of each! 

So the appointment was on Tuesday morning.  We both took the morning off, so we can go to the hospital together.  We ended up having to wait a little bit and I really needed to use the restroom for the 2nd time since arriving at the hospital.  But I had to wait in case they call me in.  Anyway, finally went in and the technician was very friendly.  She lets us film the session, as long as we don't include her.  Of course we wouldn't!  This is all about our child! lol.  So the baby was doing very well, everything looks good.  We even get to see her little feet, nice and clear.  At one point, she was even looking straight at us, we could almost see her face.  She was upside down, a most common positions for the babies.  It must be comfy or something being upside down for them.  Her profile looks very much like Miss Noelle, but we'll see how much the sisters look alike when the baby comes. 

They moved up our due date from September 1 to August 31.  Our due date with Noelle was moved up a whole week, so I was kinda sad that the due date didn't change much this time around :-P   I remember how uncomfortable I got toward the very end of my last pregnancy.  And this time it's gonna be in the summer heat, OY!  Hopefully baby #2 will come at a good time.   We have a wedding in mid-August, let's see if I could make it with my huge baby bump and the possibility to pop at the wedding, haha.  

Still enjoying the 2nd trimester, I'm 18 weeks as we speak.  I can feel the baby's moving more often and clearer now.  The movements are still very gentle and light, but I know soon enough it'll be more forceful and stronger. 

::Edited to add::
Sorry, my bads, totally forgot to include this little youtube video -

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