Wednesday, March 17, 2010

hungry girl!

I guess Miss Noelle was really hungry this afternoon.  We were playing around outside and she started asking for cookies.  We came in and I gave her the snack cup and she was chowing down.  Then we headed home and she downed 3/4 yogurt and 6 Costco Mickey Mouse chicken nuggets.  6 nuggets!! those nuggets are not small and 6 is about what I'd eat in one sitting.  WOW!  Yesterday she also finished her entire bowl of rice and pot roast and the other day she was eating a couple bowls full of pasta.  I guess she's finally having her growing spur?  Whatever the case is, I'm loving it when she eats so well :-)

Noelle is quite picky about her yogurt tho.  At home all she wants to have is her yobaby yogurt.  But she'll eat whatever brand of yogurt we pack at the daycare.  I don't even know why.  We've tried a couple brands of kiddie yogurt and yokids yogurt, no luck so far.  But I must say, some kiddie yogurt are real nasty, very artificial.  Yobaby definitely tastes a lot better. 

Still no tv for Noelle, well at least at home it is.  I know sometimes they put on some kids show at the daycare.  But since Noelle only goes there a couple of days a week, it's fine with me.  But I'm so glad it seems like she's no longer needing tv to entertain her.  She can play with her toys better now and is more interactive.  She still asks for tv once in a while, but it's a lot easier to distract her with some toys or activities.  Noelle is most certainly an outdoor girl.  She loves going outside.  Running, jumping, and climbing.  I'm not sure what I'm gonna do when it gets much hotter and warmer.  Because she always want me to go play with her.  She'll ask me to go upstairs and then she'll push me down the slide.  Lot of running around!! It's getting harder with my growing belly :-P

We just got the VBS song CD last Sunday and Noelle really loves it!  She says "dance!" when the CD starts and we'll just do some silly ballroom dances together, I'll twirl her around and she absolutely loves it.  Too bad she's still too young to be in VBS this year.  But I know she'll at least have a blast during the music time. 

We still go to the library story time every Wednesday.  Noelle loves it there, she always says "library" every week on our way there.  However, she won't ever participate the activities.  They start with this rhyme for the story time and Noelle doesn't want to do it and won't let me do it either.  And when they have the middle stretch time, she just want to sit in my lap.  I hope she'll open up and feel more comfortable there soon.  

I'm considering signing Noelle up for the gym class.  It's just more things to do for her and there's a free play time at that gym during the week.  We've been there for a couple of birthday parties and we all enjoyed it.  Too bad the gym class is about $80 per month (meet once a week plus a free play period).  If I give up my cell phone plan, then I can totally afford it, lol.  We shall see.

Less than 2 weeks until we find out what we are having! 

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