Friday, July 23, 2010

Noelle's sayings 2

I can't believe I totally forgot to mention this on my previous entry.  That's the whole reason I updated, lol.  I blame it on my pregnant mommy brain.

Noelle loves to repeat things that she learned.  So when she had hard poo-poo one time, we told her that she needs to drink more water, then her poo-poo won't be so hard.  So guess what she does now that she goes #2 every time?  She says "it's hard poo poo, need to drink more water, poo-poo won't be so hard." LOL, every single time!! And she always looks very serious when she says this, haha.  

She loves to ask questions too and I guess that's how she learn and observe.  She sees me putting on makeup every morning.  At first Noelle said, "Oh no, boo-boo!"  I'll tell her it's not boo-boo, it's makeup!  Now she plays with two makeup brushes that I gave her and pretends putting on makeup, lol. She also likes to pretend washing her hands at her kitchen set.  Of course she'll wash her mouth too, cuz that's usually what we do when we wash her hands at the sink.  

Noelle goes to her summer Sunday School with the older kids (ages 2-5) and they watch this DVD series.  She now says "sooooo much!" cuz she learns that God loves you soooo much that He listens to your prayers. Or she says it when it means she loves you soooo much.  

She's no angel 24/7 tho.  Miss Noelle still throws temper tantrum when things don't go her way.  She'll say "No! No!" and either hits the things around her or herself.  When it gets out of hand, we'll send her to time-out.  It's just any corner.  She knows she's in trouble and she'll say "no yelling screaming, time-out!" when she gets over her emotions.  Now she even sends us to time-out!  Yesterday I was throwing something on the ground, not in a mean way or anything, I guess I was just lazy :-P  And Noelle saw it said, "No throwing things on ground! Mommy time-out!"  LOL  We also aren't supposed to hit each other (mommy and daddy, even if we were totally joking around), Noelle will be the police and said "no hitting!"

Ah, I love my silly daughter.

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