Saturday, September 1, 2012

Potty training

We potty trained Noelle right before Arwen was born, when she was 2.5 years old.  It took us about 1-2 weeks to get her used to going on potty.  And soon after she went completely diaper-free.  Noelle is excellent in holding to go during sleep.  We knew we got pretty lucky with her, potty training with Noelle wasn't nearly as scary or difficult as I had expected to be.  

I thought we could start introduce or at least get Arwen to be familiar with potty.  So I bought a baby bjorn potty about 3 months ago (?).  Arwen knew exactly what it was the day I brought it home and wanted to use it.  Ever since then, she's been really interested in going on the little potty.  And then about a week after, she stopped.  I wasn't ready to be fully committed to be potty training Arwen yet.  I thought we'd actually start it when she's 2.5 years old.  I guess the thing with being younger siblings is that they'll want to follow/copy the older siblings.  About 1-1.5 months ago, Arwen decided that she wants to use the toilet instead.  So we used the toddler insert thing and she took it without problem.  Then about a few weeks ago, she wanted to go without the insert.  At first, we'd hold her since she's still tiny and we don't want her to fall in.  But a couple of weeks ago, she started holding on the seat herself and is able to go.  Arwen is still wearing pull-ups and diapers during naps/night time.  But I think we can probably transition her to underwears soon.  I had tried underwears with her one day and she peed thru 4-5 pairs within a few hours.  I got lazy, so we haven't use underwears since.  Arwen now tells us she needs to go (most of the time when she needs to go poo-poo, but she says pee-pee, and she calls pee-pee, shh-shh).

I think the mommy just need to suck it up and bring out the big girl underwears :-P

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