Sunday, September 16, 2012


So Miss Arwen turned two on September 5.  I can't believe our youngest one is longer a baby and is growing up fast!! I think maybe cuz she is probably our last child, I just want to cherish her every step/milestone even more.  And I don't want her to grow up so fast!  We didn't have a big celebration for her, but we did go to Chuck E Cheese as a fam.  Arwen cried when she saw Chuck E Cheese (the robotic dancing one).  She was scared.  We had to move our seats, but she'd still turn around and saw it and cried.  lol.  But she ended up having a great time.  Arwen loved the merry go round, she went on at least 10 times, haha.  And big sis, Noelle helped bake a cake (funfetti FTW!).  We all enjoyed the cake as dessert at home. 

We started BSF and MSG last week.  That means, mommy gets to have a couple of hours on those days every week to be away from the girls.  Yay!! I mean, awwww.  But it's also a good opportunities for the girls to play with other kids and teachers.  Arwen cried at MSG, but she was fine since Noelle was with her.  We'll see how Arwen does with BSF next week.  The girls won't be in the same class (age differences), so I'm really worried that Arwen is going to have a very hard time.  Definitely praying hard for this girl!! And her BSF teachers!

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