Friday, April 10, 2009

Motherhood's new high

OK, this is totally gross and TMI. But I just want to write a short entry about it, as a record keeping's sake.

Two days ago I was changing Miss Noelle's poopy diaper as usual. I was wiping and wiping, and I saw this little thingy hanging out. I thought it was just the residue but it wouldn't be wiped away. So I looked closer and it's a little "string" like thingy. I was really weired out at that point and I found out I could pull it. It kept going and then out it came. A piece of onion! Then I remembered there was onion in the pasta that I fed her for dinner a day before. This shows how well Miss Noelle chews her food :-P It's really weird that her body didn't digest it either, just came out exactly the same as it went in. What the heck?!