Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Mama's random thoughts

Figured I should put in some efforts and update.

The playgroup at church had the egg hunt today. Miss Noelle was asleep when they came in and told me the egg hunt had started. I decided to wake her up since I thought she may enjoy the activity and seeing other little kiddies. Miss Noelle was sound asleep and her head was soaking wet!! She sweats a lot, especially her head, I have no idea why. It took her a few minutes to be fully awake. They put down a few eggs right in front of her, because there's no way she'll actually go look for eggs. She didn't know what to do with those eggs, lol. Finally she took one in each hand. She kept changing the eggs tho, she'll pick one up, drop it, and pick another up. After that, I let her played in the play room for a bit. I really don't think she gets the concept of egg hunt yet, or even to enjoy it. I think they are more like another plastic toys for her to play with. I found some scratch-n-sniff stickers in the eggs, neato!

Miss Noelle loves her Baby Einstein My First Sign dvd. I think I may have to buy a copy when we return the library's copy. I thought I should change things up and played a different dvd this afternoon. I dunno if she just wanted to watch My First Sign instead or that she got scared by some green puppet in this other dvd that I played. She cried and was all smile when I changed to back to My First Sign dvd.

We recently discovered that Miss Noelle has daddy's eyebrows. Not the thickness/hairy-ness (thank goodness!), but the way they move. They look just like her daddy's eye brow expression. It's really cute. I love to see and discover pieces of ourselves in Miss Noelle.

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  1. cute! we plan to bring CJ to his first egg hung on Friday. hope he does well! :)