Wednesday, April 22, 2009


No, I'm not talking about anything poopy. And no, we are not expecting.

But it has been something on my mind a lot lately. I guess it's cuz a few moms from our playgroup are expecting their 2nd ones soon. And their little ones are Miss Noelle's age. Of course I talked to Dave about this, lol. And he wants 3 years apart for our next one (Lord willing!) I don't know tho, I'd like to be done with having more kids by the time I'm 35 (which I've only got a few more years to go, eeek). On top of that, I'd like to have 3 kiddies. But the husband only wants 2 (boo). So we'll see.

Am I really ready for another one tho? Probably not, haha. I mean it's so much work involved when it comes to having a newborn, and very little sleep. But I do miss the newborn/infant stage. It's just so precious. We were fortunate to be pregnant so quickly when we were trying for Miss Noelle (about 2-3 months). However, it's different for each person and each pregnancy. So who knows. Anyways, it'll totally be God's timing.

On a different note, Miss Noelle is cracking me up a lot lately. She loves taking baths and she'll scream or laughing out loud (LOLs) if you pour water over her head. It's a riot. I also successfully pinned her hair up on the side and she hasn't figure out there's a hair clip on her head yet. She looks totally girly! She also loves having cheese in her scrambled eggs just like her mama. I'm so proud.

It's been a challenge tho. Miss Noelle wasn't eating much lately, mainly cuz of the heat. It's almost always a gamble if she'll like the food we give her each meal. I don't really like that, I love/miss when she'll eat whatever we prepare. Ahh, lots of times I'm at the wits end of what to feed her. Any tips?

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