Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Temper Tantrums

Our precious angel is not even 2 yet (almost 17 months), but I think she may be heading toward the much feared "terrible 2" already. Miss Noelle now throws temper tantrums when things aren't going her way. She'll either lay down (face on the ground), or she'll throw herself down and won't let you pick her up. Ahhhhh, whyyyyy?

They said the best way is to ignore them when they are having their episode. But it's not that easy to do when you are in public. And normally that's when they'll have the tantrum thingy going on (in public). So what we've been doing is just pick her up and tell her it's not OK. Miss Noelle knows "no", she'll shake her head when we say "no". Her fav thing to do is to shake her head when she doesn't want to eat certain thing or that she's done eating. It's pretty good actually, so we don't have to guess. She kinda signs, but definitely has the "all done" and "more" mixed up, lol. Her "more" means "all done" in her book, luckily mommy and daddy understand her perfectly.

I also gave Miss Noelle her very first hair cut last Thursday. Her bangs are getting really ridiculously long, it's past her eyes and it makes it really hard to see. So when she was sleeping on Thursday night, I went in and chopped her bangs. I just grabbed and cut, and it actually turned out pretty even :-P She looks really cute with the new bangs.

I think I need to start loading pics here, I bet you are tired of all text entries. haha.

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  1. Ha! CJ throws tantrums already too! He just lies on the floor and thumps his feet. We just leave him for a while til we can't take it anymore. Gotta figure out what to do with him too!