Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Whole day!!

So most of you know by now that Miss Noelle goes to daycare twice a week. She let the caregiver fed her last week, so we thought it's time to let her go to daycare whole day instead of just the morning. Of course the mommy was very nervous about it. Not seeing her kiddie for a whole day? And not knowing whether she'll take her naps/eat the food. It's just a brand new experience for the both of us. The cell phone was right by the finger tip the whole day and of course the mommy never gotten any calls from the daycare. She was quite nervous when it's time to pick Miss Noelle up. This little girl fake cried when she saw the mommy walking in. And according to the caregiver, Miss Noelle didn't cry at all, not even when the daddy left (which she usually cries a little). She only really cried when it was her time to nap. But c'mon now, napping at a new environment without any fuss? You are asking too much, lol. She still slept for an hour, which isn't bad at all. The parental was very impressed with Miss Noelle's first whole day at the daycare. We can say that from now on, it's pretty much always going to be whole day at the daycare!!

Miss Noelle also learned her toes/nose/ears. If you ask her, she'll point to those parts most of the time. Before she only knows the belly button, and boy does she love the belly buttons. She'll yank your shirt up to find your belly button, so beware!

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