Friday, May 1, 2009

15 months and ear infection again

So Miss Noelle is 15 months old!! Of course we took her pics with Mr. Bear. She doesn't want to sit down with Mr. Bear like she used to. She likes to stand next to him or do something different, lol. Our little girl is getting big!! So what else did we do to celebrate her being 15 months old? To the Dr.! No, it wasn't really part of the plan, but Miss Noelle somehow managed to get another ear infection. She was having this nagging cough for over a week and it didn't look like it's getting any better. So the daddy took her to see her pediatrician on Monday. And the dr. said she's having another ear infection. What?! But supposedly kids who drink from bottles and lying down tend to get ear infections more often. I guess it's time to teach Miss Noelle to drink from sippy cup exclusively. She uses it to drink water, but not so much for milk. We shall see.

What else is new? Well, we may be sending Miss Noelle to daycare soon. Someone refers us this place and they just had an opening for infant (under 2 is considered infant). So we are going to check it out on Monday. If everything works out, Miss Noelle will be starting daycare very soon. For 2 days a week. We probably will start with half day and then to full day. I really hope she'll do well at daycare. Miss Noelle is very clinging right now, especially to me. I can't even leave her at the toddler class at church anymore. She'll just cry and freak out big time. Last Sunday, all the kiddies were crying in the room and they had to take Miss Noelle out cuz she was fuzzing too much. Sigh. Hopefully she'll be over this stage soon.

Miss Noelle is going to a 1st b-day tomorrow, I think it's her first one besides her own. Should be fun :-)

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