Thursday, May 28, 2009

Eating like a big girl!

Now that we are finally over the teething from hell (thank God!), Miss Noelle is acting more and more like a big girl. Yesterday at lunch, Miss Noelle grabbed the spoon off her daddy's hands and fed herself. We had to watch and help her out, since she's still not very good with the spoon. But she loves doing that. Yesterday at dinner, she didn't want to eat. So I handed her the spoon and she gave me this big smile. And she ate the entire dinner with the spoon all on her own (of course we helped her out here and there). What a big girl!! This morning at breakfast, she again didn't want to touch her scrambled eggs. So I gave her the baby forks, and she once again ate the whole thing. I hope she'll never grow tired of feeding herself, lol.

Miss Noelle also loves to see me sign to her, but she isn't signing back much. She'll copy some signs tho. Let's see if she'll sign them back to me one of these days. She starts to "talk" more as well. Or making noises for that matter, haha. Even tho she's pretty petite for her age, this girl is loud! Miss Noelle however, is throwing more tantrums. If you take something that she's holding, boy does she get MAD. It really doesn't work well especially at the stores. Man, I really don't want to have to deal with temper tantrums. EEEk.

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  1. my kid is having the teething issue this weekend. no fun for us and him! can't wait for CJ to use a spoon right!