Monday, May 25, 2009

Teething from hell

This long weekend has been really really interesting.

Friday night at the dinner table, Miss Noelle was really fussy and didn't want to eat. I thought she was just tired, since she didn't have her regular nap in the afternoon. So the daddy put her down and she felt asleep. I went in to check on her in a few minutes and thought she felt kinda warm. Took her temp and she was 102. So I let her slept until she woke up on her own. She was just really out of it for the rest of the night. I'll hold her in my arms and she'd fall sleep, kinda in and out. Finally I put her down at 8:30 and she almost passed out immediately.

Saturday we woke up and Miss Noelle seemed to be much better, back to her silly self. So we went to IKEA cuz I need to get some cabinet and organizing stuff. We spent a few hours there and towards the end, Miss Noelle was getting fussy. We took her temperature again when we got home, she was getting warm again. And then for the rest of the night she was just crying none-stop. It's not the normal fussy cries either, it's the loud why-are-you-leaving-me kinda panic cries. She was chewing on her binky so we thought maybe she was teething. But she never act like this when she teethes. And she won't touch her milk either, luckily she'll drink some water from her sippy cup. But it wasn't much either. And eating was basically out of the question. That night, she'd sleep for 30 minutes or 1 hour and woke up crying, freaking out. We barely had any sleep, it was very exhausting and frustrating. The daddy decided to take her to see a dr. to figure out what's wrong. And turned out, she was having some molars coming in and it's probably the worst kind of teething for them kiddies. Molars are the largest teeth in your mouth and picture having those cutting thru your flesh. Yea, not very fun.

The doctor suggested us to use children motrin, it's much stronger than infant tylenol. We also found this teething tablets that you can get at most drugstores. The combination of these drugs really eased Miss Noelle's discomfort. She fell asleep last night and was able to sleep thru the night. We were sooooo thankful! She is still going thru the teething part, but she's really getting back to her normal self. She is drinking and eating more again, hopefully she'll get those pounds back. Miss Noelle kinda lost some weights since she wasn't eating or drinking.

We were reading things about teething online when we were trying to find home remedies. And I read it somewhere that it's normally around 15 months that you get your first sets of molars. Miss Noelle is 15.5 months, so I guess it's about time. Wish I had known that earlier tho, lol. It's really scary to see your kid suffering and not knowing exactly what's going on. Being a parent is no easy task and I think it's supposed to get harder. Oy!

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