Friday, March 27, 2009

naps = mama's happiness

We have family lunch at home almost every day. Dave and I are very lucky that both our work places require less than 10 minutes of commute. So since Miss Noelle was born, we try to have lunch together every day. And the daddy will ask the mommy how her day was during the lunch time. If the mommy said, "She took a nap!" Then that means the mommy's day has been good. "She didn't take her nap!" that means the mommy's day has been long.

You see, Miss Noelle's naps are very important to the mommy. When she sleeps, the mommy gets to be super productive with work. If she's goofing around and not takes her usual naps, then the mommy has to entertain Miss Noelle. When she was younger, babies tend to sleep majority of the day (oh those were the days). So she could be napping the entire morning if she feels like it. However, as Miss Noelle is growing up to a toddler now (the mommy: sniff sniff, she's not a baby anymore!), her nap time gets shorter and she takes less naps during the day.

On a good day, Miss Noelle will take a nap around 11AM right after her morning bottle. Yes, she's still drinking from a bottle, but we are teaching her to use her sippy cup. So hopefully she'll transition to sippy cup only soon. And then she'll take one more nap in the afternoon after her afternoon bottle. She used to take a night time nap before her actual bedtime, but she dropped that nap since she was 8-9 months old.

On the weekends tho, because it's not our usual set schedule, we're lucky if Miss Noelle takes one nap. It's OK tho, cuz the mommy doesn't work on the weekends, so we can play, haha.

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