Saturday, March 28, 2009

Social eater

We recently started switching to toddler food for Miss Noelle. She still gets some of her fav Gerber's greenbean & rice, but mostly she eats table food (regular food). But sometimes the mommy and the daddy like their food spicy, so we buy those pre-made toddler food for Miss Noelle. I thought she just didn't care for the taste or something, cuz she'll eat a few bites and refuse to eat anymore. Not even with cheerios! Miss Noelle loves her cheerios and sometimes that's how we got her to finish up her baby food :-P

Then we discovered that it's not that Miss Noelle doesn't like the new toddler food. She just wants to eat it when everyone else is eating. We sat at the dining table today for dinner and the previously refused toddler pre-made meal suddenly tasted good again for Miss Noelle. Because she finished the whole thing up without fuss! I guess she just likes the eating to be a joint thing. My little social eater.

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