Saturday, March 21, 2009


We are part of the local Las Madres group. But our group is apparently still new, so we don't have that many activities during the week. It works pretty well for Noelle and I tho, less choices means less decisions, haha. We usually have playdates on Mondays and Fridays, and I try to take Noelle to those playdates. It's just so that she gets a chance to interact with kids her age and to be in different environment. They also have park day/library story time/track walk/etc. during the week, but either the times don't work with our schedule or I just couldn't do it all. So I figured if I could at least bring her to the playdates, it should be fine. It's really interesting to meet other mommies too. We'll either exchange info on baby gears or stores, or just vent. Most of the moms are pretty funny and easy going. Because of my playgroup, I heard about this toy store called The Wooden Horse. We decided to pay it a visit today. It's located in Los Gatos King's Court shopping plaza. The store is bigger than I expected, but it's like a mom and pop store. They carry a great variety of toys, most of them I've never seen before. This was where I was "reunited" with my childhood toy - Calico Critters!

I was thrilled to see them again! I used to play with them all the time! I think I have a few different families and a whole bunches of home sets. Ah the memories. Maybe I'll introduce them to Miss Noelle when she's older. We ended up getting a wooden walk & roll pull toy. Miss Noelle was in love with it the moment she sets her eyes on it, lol. She carries the toy with her around when we were in the store. And I think it's a pretty good toy to teach her cordination. So the daddy got it for her.

If you are in the market for some fun and unique toy, give The Wooden Horse a try!

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