Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Sign language?

Miss Noelle and I took a baby sign language class late last year at the local community center. Each class is about 30 minutes long, because that's how much attention you get from young ones, lol. I think it's more for the moms to learn the sign language and to teach their kiddies at home. Because sign language takes sometime and lots of repetition for kids to catch on. Of course, Miss Noelle gave me the blank look when I signed to her. She did smile at me whenever I sign "mommy" and "daddy", I think she knows those two at least. After the class was over, I stopped signing to Noelle. I dunno, just lack of affirmation from her kinda made me wondering if I was even making any progress.


I still tried to sign to her when I remember to. Like "milk", "all done" and of course "mommy" and "daddy". Lately I noticed that she kinda mimics me when I sign "milk" to her. And that she'll wave her arms when she's done drinking. I'm guessing she's signing "all done" intently, because when I asked her "all done?" when she's waving and she'll giggle. That kinda give me hope, haha. Maybe I should bust out the sign language sheets I had from the class. Baby sign language is to help them to communicate, since they can't really talk yet, this is a good way to communicate with the parental and basically anyone.

I do also let her watch Baby Einstein dvds and one of her fav is baby sign. So I'm wondering if watching the dvd also helps her to learn to sign? I dunno, either way, I'm quite happy.

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  1. It's pretty neat to see the communication grow between you two :) Cool new blog too btw! :P